Train techs and inspectors in days - not months

Train techs and inspectors in days - not months

Installation & Service Companies

Shrink overtime costs

Get caught up on jobs

Reduce warranty headaches

Take on more customers

Exceed growth targets

Facilities Maintenance

Reduce dependence on vendors

Improve life safety

Control budgets

Resolve end-user complaints fast

Increase resiliency

Authority Having Jurisdiction

On-board new inspectors quickly

Catch contractor shortcuts and mistakes

Improve life safety outcomes

Ensure compliance

Prove competency


Learn practical skills

Refresh knowledge

Review important codes & rules

Prepare for a new job

Obtain CPD points for certification

We've trained folks from these organizations

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What Others Are Saying

"Truly love the platform and very easy to follow."

     -Geri S., Ops Manager

"This was a fantastic training program. I have been looking for something exactly like this! Good job! I will be sure to let my colleagues know about your site."

     -Pamela D., Senior Fire Code Plan Examiner

"It is a great introductory course. I like that it was broken down into small segments."

     -Jessica E., National Ops Manager

"I took it to see if it would be beneficial for any of my new technicians, and I believe it is! This practical course training is something that I myself had thought about starting, so I think this is great and I 100% approve teaching these skills."

     -Chris C., PM

"I have trained alot of techs over the years but this should be mandatory for new techs."

     -Pete S., Senior Tech

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